Ich denke daran… (I am indeed thinking about it)


As you see the whole video is in German but I made a quick translation at least of what this is about. I still need to think about what I just heard and I am thinking about it.

Talk by Hartmut Rosa, Professor of Sociology, at Friedrich Schiller University Jena, author of the book Resonance: A Sociology of World Relations.

What is it, “the good life”? Sociology, happiness research and social philosophy are in agreement that the question can not be answered in a general way. People have to decide for themselves what the good life is – personal preferences, tastes, talents and interests are too diverse.

This consensus contradicts Jena sociologist Hartmut Rosa. His core thesis is: if we want to find a way out of the acceleration trap, we have to talk about what good life is. For Rosa, not resources nor action choices are useful indicators, not even the sum of subjective moments of happiness. Rather, what matters is the relationship of the individual with the world: do you resonate with the world or do you get alienated in a repellent mute world?

We will talk to the sociologist Hartmut Rosa about the good life as a sociological project and about the alienation of humanity in the late Modernity.

the Background

In which world do we live? As banal as it sounds, the most difficult thing is to gain distance  to see your actual real NOW more clearly. There are many contemporary-minded best-sellers, illuminating diagnoses of “time” are though rare. So let’s see where interesting perspectives on our present time can be opened. Let’s try an unfamiliar, mostly oblique view, which makes us see the present time differently. 35 years after the Key words to the ‘spiritual situation of the time’  [Stichworten zur ‘geistigen Situation der Zeit’] we resume the experiment with the lecture series From a High Point [Auf der Höhe]. Once again, we intellectuals ask about key social and cultural diagnostic cues of our time. Over the next few months and years we spell out the alphabet, from A like authenticity to D like drastic, J to youth [Jugend], for ever, to R like resonance and Z to zombie.

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