Last day at De-Construkt

Everything is temporary.

It has been great to be in Red Hook, living right across the firefighters and have 100% of focus on my research. Many things keep on evolving even after we live the residencies and this is the case here at De-Construkt too. I felt very welcome and got to know artists and their works with which I felt very much engaged. Next steps in life are all related to intense transit again but I will try to keep this channel updated.

My quantification for the month

  • Reviewed the article for ConvocArte in Lisbon
  • Wrote an article about lists of artists Listas de Artistas Nunca são Somente Listas, Versão 2.0. for a publication in São Paulo (being reviewed now)
  • researched the material and spatial aspects Elastic Net proposition by Lygia Clark from 1974 (very happy with the results) – work I will keep on developing in January here in Red Hook and later in Berlin from April to June.
  • visited artists’ studios
  • wrote 3 more chapters for my ongoing fiction project
  • prepared for the last part of my yoga certification
  • played the game Islands, Rivers, Airports and Ghosts once



It feels good to make an informal evaluation of activities.

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