Isolation and other issues

We have been about 3 months in self isolation – not radical, as some people in São Paulo who are feeling unsafe to leave their flats. We are still going for walks around our house or jogging very early in the morning. These months have a blessed aspect as we have been practicing yoga everyday. Yoga, not only Asanas. I have been teaching three classes a day and take time for my own practice. A pretty good community (people from many countries) got together to share their practices everyday with the group, including Saturdays and Sundays. It is not just about keeping the discipline to practice the bodies but also to be able to feel joy in these times of uncertainty, particularly in places like Brazil, where many of my students are from. It is imperative to keep feeling the body as one of the beacons to keep us grounded in the real – this moment in the place where we are. This practice is also about being able to feel fear without losing the link to reality.

There is a lot of friendship, congeniality, and gentleness. These seem to be the feelings guiding us in these difficult, and somehow obscure, new times.

मैत्र्यदिषु बलानि

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