Expedição Francisco

As the Brazilian government started the construction sites to diverse the waters of the

Sao Francisco river, the second major Brazilian river, we took off from Sao Paulo to spend

a month on a floating studio situation, from where we made daily reports, collected images

and samples of what signifies a river that will be rectified, and brought artistic public

interventions as a dialogue starter, to establish a contact with the peoples living on the

margins of the Old Chico.

We crossed thousands of kilometers, in 2008, of a very precarious landscape on a boat,

feeding websites and putting up public interventions, in places where even electricity was

scarce, and cellular technology had yet to arrive, is a breakthrough in survival and

professional skills. However, this was not the main point of the project which was a

laboratory of subjectivities, ours and of the lives of those who encountered us.

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