New Gallery in Florianópolis, Brazil

It is with a lot of joy that we announce that the new gallery space of our women artists' collective "Coletivo Elza" at Espaço Armazém, in Brazil, will open on May 17th. Live long and prosper, Elzas, you freaking rock!!! This was possible with the kind support of the artist Silvana Macedo and Casinha#3.  


Spielraum, by Marcia Vaitsman, opens on Thursday, June 27, 7pm, at SomoS, Neuköln, Berlin. Soon more information.     Photo by Christina Freeman

Women, speak up!

New York, be invited to the first talk of the series "mulher, solta a tua voz!" [women speak up!] - these events have always simultaneous translation to English and the venue is just spectacular, in the heart of Manhattan. The first guest is a culture and art manager from Brazil, Paula Lavigne, who also happens …