Welcome to Marcia Vaitsman’s laboratory (farm? garden? kitchen?) of ideas, texts, images and sounds.

Francine Goudel kindly took time, energy and interest to dive into this subtle practice of thinking-making-knowing-articulating:

Palette of reduced colors, vast silent landscapes, the use of media devices as support, games and playing, the movement through landscapes, the construction of memory and the condition of human subjectivity under discussion are some of the keys to Vaitsman’s work”.

[from Islands, Rivers, Airports and Ghosts: Marcia Vaitsman’s Meta-Journey.]


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Activating Emptiness, game board, in progress (2019).

The Octopus in the Parking Garage, video, in progress (2019).

The Game Show, group project, United States, 2018.

10 Delírios em 10 Sutras, video, India, 2017

Casinha #3, project about hospitality, Brazil 2016

Jogo das Ilhas, Rios, Aeroportos e Fantasmas, board game, United States, 2016

Ensaios sobre Ilhas, Rios, Aeroportos e Fantasmas, book, United States, 2016

10 Days of Isolation, video installation, Portugal/United States, 2015

Small Acts of Kindness, photography series, United States, 2015

Text, video, silent, with Michael David Murphy and Jonathan Bouknight, 2014

Park#1, installation for Sumptuary exhibition, United States, 2014

Heisenberg Boulevard, video installation, United States, 2013-••

Impossible Bodies, video and photography series, Germany/United States – 2000-2016

MediaScan: Giant Waves, photography series, United States, 2013

Impermanence, video, United States, 2012

Study of Strange Things, video and photography series, United States, 2011

Study of Darkness, video, Brazil, 2009

Expedição Francisco, public space intervention,  group project, Brazil, 2008-2009

Whiteness of an exotic place, video, Finland, 2006

The Elephant Cage, video, Japan/Germany, 2005

The One Made of Light Stuff, interactive video, Japan, 2004

MediaScan, photography series, Germany, 2003

Mpolis, interactive video installation, Germany, 2001

A Common Ancestral Stranger, DVD-ROM, Germany, 2000

Biografias ñ autorizadas, CD-ROM and flop-disks, Brazil, 1995



por/by Vaitsman

[soon] Artists’ Lists Are Never Only Lists, Version 2.0. ||| Listas de Artistas Nunca são Somente Listas, Versão 2.0.

These are thoughts on the working process of contemporary artists and consequently the resulting artifacts that assume forms of lists. It includes references to auto-narratives and autobiographies of artists working with impressions of disorientation, impermanence and foreignness. Focusing on the making of lists, catalogs, archives and on the interest in alphabetical, numerical, cartographical organization, and thus also on the unclassifiable, on what cannot or has not been decoded, on disorientation, and on all that can fit into the category of “etcetera”. ||| Reflexão sobre trabalhos de artistas contemporâneas e suas obras, com caráter autonarrativo e autobiográfico, que contemplam a desorientação, a impermanência e a estrangeiridade. Focando na atividade de fazer listas, catalogação, organização, arquivos, e no interesse pelo alfabético, numérico, cartográfico e, por outro lado, no inclassificável, no que é cifrado, na desorientação, e no etecetera. [ENG, POR]

The Game Show: exhibition as an experience of collectivity, consonance and becoming. |||  The Game Show: exposição como experiência de coletividade, consonância e devir.

Case study of The Game Show, produced by the artists collective ABC No Rio (in Exile), New York, 2018: experience of collectivity, negotiation of meanings and methods, and becoming. Collaboration between artists to transform the gallery of Bullet Space into a game to be played by the public. Published on ConvocArte #6: Are Ludens, Lisbon, 2019 ||| Estudo de The Game Show, realizado pelo coletivo ABC No Rio (in Exile), Nova York, 2018: experiência de coletividade, negociação de significados e métodos, e de devir, a partir da colaboração de artistas para a criação de uma exposição de arte que transformou a galeria do Bullet Space em um jogo ativado pelo público. Publicada na ConvocArte #6: Ars Ludens, Lisboa, 2019. [POR, and soon also in ENG]

Via Láctea – Constelação da Serpente

Uma breve conversa com Marcio Harum, curador, sobre a exposição: Samico Between Worlds [Rumors of War in Times of Peace], na Dream Box, Nova York, 4 de fevereiro a 5 de março de 2017. [POR]

Ver Lonjuras

Sobre a obra de Isaura Pena, Ver Lonjuras, 2015. “Da obra finalizada criou-se o título, Ver Lonjuras. No título da obra criou-se uma unidade de medida de saudade, a que Isaura sente de sua casa no Brasil, de sua família: a lonjura”. [POR]

Heisenberg Boulevard

Published by the First Symposium Fusion between Arts and Cinema of Caminhos Film Festival (I SIMPÓSIO – A FUSÃO DAS ARTES NO CINEMA), Coimbra. Click here for full download of the original text in Portuguese, 2014-15. [POR]

Three Artists and Their Self-images

Outline for a presentation about self-image and self-portraits at the SPE Conference in Chicago, 2013. The text was reviewed by Edward Hall. I am trying to recover the images, I am confident I will find them soon. 2013. [ENG]



por outras pessoas – by other writers

Francine Regis Goudel: Islands, Rivers, Airports and Ghosts: Marcia Vaitsman’s Meta-Journey.

“Palette of reduced colors, vast silent landscapes, the use of media devices as support, games and playing, the movement through landscapes, the construction of memory and the condition of human subjectivity under discussion are some of the keys to Vaitsman’s work”. [abstract in ENG, full text POR]

Marcio Harum: Deus Ex-Machina.

“A artista congelou o tempo das violentas imagens em movimento de maneira pacífica, desacelerando-as, neutralizando-as, com efeitos de linhas de luz da utilização de um scanner portátil. Marcia Vaitsman se interessa em suscitar como imagens coletivas criam fantasmaticamente a memória que teremos deste desastre natural no futuro, e de como estas imagens constroem a realidade sob uma lenta influência daquelas outras imagens da destruição, as oficiais, que podemos acessar pelos veículos de mídia”. [POR]


Marcia Vaitsman, PhD, born in Brazil, has a degree in media studies with specialization in radio and TV broadcast from Universidade de São Paulo. She was a student at the University of Vienna, Austria, in the Media Institute and German Language Institute, and has a post-gradual degree in Audiovisual Art from the prestigious KHM Kunsthochschule fuer Medien (Academy of Media Arts), Cologne, Germany. From 2000 to 2007, Marcia worked as a member of the artistic team and teaching staff at KHM. Vaitsman holds a PhD degree in Contemporary Art from Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal – a 4 year long research that resulted in a thesis, Images of Displacement, with 331 pages, a board game called Game of Islands, Rivers, Airports and Ghosts, a book of maps and a video called 10 Delírios em 10 Sutras. This research was hosted for six months at Parsons The New School in New York, where she was an invited scholar. Vaitsman also has a final degree in photography from SCAD, Atlanta, with the 2-year Frances Larkin McCommon fellowship.

Among a list of important group exhibitions, there are Nuit Blanche in Toronto, Videobrasil in São Paulo, International Video Art Biennial in Tel Aviv, Exquisite Exhibit at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, Biennale for Digital Art in Paris. Some of the solo exhibitions are: Small Acts of Kindness at Whitespace in Atlanta, Marcia Vaitsman at Galeria Candido Portinari, Brazilian Embassy in Rome, The Whiteness of an Exotic Place at Galleria Huuto in Helsinki, and MediaScan: Giant Waves, Centro Cultural São Paulo.

Vaitsman has received several acknowledgements such as the Idea Capital Travel Grant, Atlanta and the Prize Mostra de Artistas no Exterior from the Biennial of Sao Paulo Foundation for a project presented at Nuit Blanche, in Toronto. She also received project grants from FUNARTE, Brazil; and twice from Prince Claus Fund, The Netherlands. She was granted a six-month artist in residence at IAMAS (Institute of Advanced Media Art and Science), Japan. Vaitsman also received a granted residence from UNESCO-Aschberg, France and the Helsinki International Arts Program (HIAP), to work at Kaapelitehdas, Finland. She was a resident at Hambidge, GA, with the Fulton County arts fellowship; also resident at SomoS in Berlin, De-Construkt in New York, GlogauAIR in Berlin, and granted residencies at Espaço Armazém in Florianópolis, and Doukan 7002 in Chicago. Vaitsman received the photography prize Projeto Cria de Casa from Espaço OPHICINA, São Paulo, and the EMMA (Electronic Multimedia Award), London. Vaitsman’s work has been nominated and invited to several video art festivals around the world and received honorable mention from Video Art Prize, Bremen Filmbüro, Germany.

Vaitsman lives in the United States, keeping her residence in São Paulo, Brazil. She is part of Coletivo Elza, a collective of women artists in Florianópolis, Brazil. In addition to art, and somehow related to the larger interest and the study of subjectivity, she is an instructor for traditional Indian Yoga, graduated from the New York branch of the KaivalyaDhama Institute from Lonavla, India. She is also a PADI certified advanced diver.


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