Welcome to Marcia Vaitsman’s laboratory of ideas, texts, images and sounds. Here you will find information about works and projects from 1995 to 2018.





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Marcia Vaitsman, born in Brazil, has a degree in media studies with specialization in radio and TV from the Universidade de São Paulo. She was a student at the University of Vienna, Austria, in the Media Institute and Germanistic Institute. Marcia has a post graduation degree in Audiovisual Art from the prestigious Academy of Media Arts – KHM (Kunsthochschule fuer Medien), Cologne, Germany. From 2000 to 2007, Marcia worked as a member of the artistic team and teaching staff at KHM.

Marcia has received several acknowledgements such as the Idea Capital Travel Grant, Atlanta and the Prize “Mostra de Artistas no Exterior” from the Biennial of Sao Paulo Foundation. She also received project grants from FUNARTE, Brazil; from UNESCO-Aschberg, France/Finland and twice from Prince Claus Fund, The Netherlands. She was  granted a six-month artist in residence at IAMAS (Institute of Advanced Media Art and Science), Japan and honorable mention, Video Art Prize, Bremen Filmbüro, Germany. In 2003 Marcia was the winner of Projeto Cria de Casa, photography competition at Espaço OPHICINA, São Paulo, Brazil; and in 2001 EMMA (Electronic Multimedia Award) winner, London, UK. Marcia’s work has been nominated and invited to several video art festivals around the world.

Marcia holds a PhD degree in Contemporary Art at University of Coimbra, Portugal – a 4 year long research that resulted in a thesis with 331 pages, a board game called Game of Islands, Rivers, Airports and Ghosts, a book of maps and a video called 10 Delírios em 10 Sutras. She also has a final degree in photography from SCAD, Atlanta, from whom she received the Frances Larkin McCommon fellowship for two years. She lives in the USA, keeping her residence in São Paulo, Brazil. She is part of Coletivo Elza, a women’s artist collective in Florianópolis, Brazil.







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10 Delírios em 10 Sutras, 2017

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by year, from recent to older works:

10 Delírios em 10 Sutras, India, 2017

Casinha #3, Brazil 2016

Jogo das Ilhas, Rios, Aeroportos e Fantasmas, United States, 2016

Ensaios sobre Ilhas, Rios, Aeroportos e Fantasmas, United States, 2016

10 Days of Isolation, Portugal/United States, 2015

Small Acts of Kindness, United States, 2015

Heisenberg Boulevard, United States, 2013

Impossible Bodies, Germany/United States – 2000-2016

Impermanence, United States, 2012

MediaScan, Germany/United States, 2003 – 2013

Study of Strange Things, United States, 2011

Expedição Francisco, Brazil, 2008-2009

Whiteness of an exotic place, Finland, 2006

The Elephant Cage, Japan/Germany, 2005

The One Made of Light Stuff, Japan, 2004

A Common Ancestral Stranger, Germany, 2000

Biografias ñ autorizadas, Brazil, 1995






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Welcome to this new featured web space. I will try to update this site with reviews of exhibitions I visit while I travel as well as other activities and thoughts that inform and form my work processes.



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Islands, Rivers, Airports and Ghosts: Marcia Vaitsman’s Meta-Journey by Francine Regis Goudel.

[para Português logo em seguida] Francine Regis Goudel, doctoral candidate at UDESC in Art History, wrote this article in 2017 about her experience playing the Game of Islands, Rivers, Airports and Ghosts. The article is in Portuguese but I had the chance to translate the abstract. ABSTRACT Like the stories of the characters created by the …

305 ethnicities and 274 languages: a study reveals the cultural richness among First Nations of Brazil

a free translation from the article published by Revista Prosa Verso e Arte Culture and society (photo is linked to the original article). Written by João Fellet – BBC Brazil in Washington D.C. There are more indigenous people in São Paulo than in Pará or Maranhão [States]. The number of indigenous people living in Brazilian urban areas …