There are so many new things to write about…

My son is insisting that I start giving my “intelligent” contribution to society disconnected from Facebook and he is right. “Go back to the Web, Mom”. Now, I am decided to start feeding the WWW directly as we did back in 1996, writing HTML directly to Pico on a Unix terminal (just a joke – not anymore – I used to love editing on Pico).

As the first contribution, there is Heisenberg Boulevard, a text from 2014, right when I  started the PhD program. The article is about Cinema and Art published by the Portuguese Caminhos Filme Festival. I am still very satisfied with the way the text evolved. Many versions were made, much work and actually it was the first text of a series of texts I would start writing about culture and art. Heisenberg Boulevard also relates Cinema and Art to the interest artists have for Natural Science, and of course, to Science Fiction (I like to use uppercase letters to talk about art and science). There was a lot of information about Heisenberg Boulevard, the project with Seana Reilly – that is why the article received the name of the project. One day I will translate it. For now I will leave the file in Portuguese, here for download:

>> Simposio Fusão – Vaitsman <<

e o texto lido, áudio, pra quem quiser desenhar ou bordar ou cozinhar ou dirigir… pode ouvir o texto:



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